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Digital Strategy

Fintech, regtech and other start-ups and established corporates are employing 21stcentury technologies like artificial intelligence & machine learning, blockchain, cloud and data analytics to fuel business growth and competitiveness.
The emerging regulatory and ethics debates plus cybersecurity obligations will define the parameters for permissible use of these promising technologies.

AI & Data Analytics

Debate is emerging around the legal personality and responsibility for automated decision formats, whether algorithm, machine learning or artificial intelligence-based.  Data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence are expanding the debate beyond the legalities into issues around ethics, trust and control. The acceleration of these technologies is generating opportunity and threat assessments by states, corporates, regulators and society.


Data Privacy

Compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation is the tip of a large iceberg that will have significant impact for data-driven business models.
Data privacy debates in civil society and government are gaining traction. Recent revelations about inappropriate use of social media and data analytics that damage democratic process and other critical societal interests are driving calls for regulation and greater protections.  Technologies such as blockchain have the potential to drive strong solutions to some of these challenges.


Political & Policy Risk Analysis

Stratosphere assesses implications for commercial operations and investments of elections, change of leadership or government and major public policy program or regulatory shifts.

Stratosphere produces segment analysis and/or a bespoke dashboard of political and policy risks specific to the client.

Reputation & Official Relationships

A company’s reputation and conduct in interactions with regulators and policy makers can have share price moving consequences. Start-ups that cultivate early supportive relationships with policy makers can gain competitive insights and avoid regulatory tripwires.

Government & Regulatory Affairs Operations

The need for in-house government, public policy and regulatory affairs teams has never been greater than during the current period of technology, regulatory and political rapid fire changes. Optimal structure for these important operations has never been more critical.


Financial Regulatory Reform

Post financial crisis regulations are implemented. Financial regulators are turning their attention to 21st century challenges of regulating emerging technologies as they reshape and disintermediate the traditional capital markets, banking and payments industries.

Competition & Anti-trust

Anti-trust & Competition
The US anti-trust, EU and national European competition regimes are evolving to reflect digital economy challenges.
Merger control, oligopoly and dominance theories of anti-competitive harm matter for large corporates. The EU, European and US competition and anti-trust authorities are breaking new ground to reflect new technologies, data analytics and other digital economy challenges.

Mergers & Acquisitions Risk Advisory

Mergers have significant competitive effects on industries, competitors and consumers.
Stratosphere assesses political, anti-trust and regulatory risks to specific merger and transaction completion. We provide strategies to mitigate or utilize these risks.


European listed companies have corporate social responsibility obligations and produce sustainability reports. Over half of  S&P 500 companies publish sustainability reports whether legally required to or not. Policy makers view corporates that demonstrate awareness of sustainability related public policy goals favorably.

Corporate Governance

Good governance is not only for Fortune 1000 sized companies. Current hot topics include how boards and executives can effectively govern the new technologies and ensure cyber security for their organizations. Corporate governance is also linked to Sustainability.


Conferences & Client Events

Stratosphere can help develop conferences and events for its clients.
Stratosphere’s founder is available to serve as a keynote speaker or moderator at conferences or client events.
See News for further details of recent events.

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