Political & Policy Risk Analysis

  • US & European elections and government transitions
  • European Parliament elections, European Commission and Council transition
  • Brexit political outlook & business or investment impact analysis


  • Tech, FinTech and RegTech related regulation and policy debates
  • Financial regulation including capital markets, market structure, bank prudential, mergers
  • Sustainability, Digital Single Market, Capital Markets Union


Stratosphere has extensive experience of dialogue with governments, and working with sovereigns as clients. Stratosphere has a track record of accuracy in predicting political events, getting the calls right against consensus on issues such as the UK Brexit vote.
Stratosphere delivered foresighted analysis 3 years prior to the Brexit referendum vote, successfully advised a major investment bank on its operational strategy, and executed its licensing and government relations approach to migrate a key business line from London to Dublin, opening its new office in January 2016 six months ahead of the referendum.



Political expertise

  • Geopolitical risks
  • US & European elections
  • Brexit and other political referendum risks
  • Navigating change of government and policies

Core policy expertise

  • Digital Economy, FinTech, RegTech
  • Financial regulatory policy – capital markets & securities market infrastructure, banking
  • Anti-trust: merger control, anti-competitive effects

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