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Brexit and significant political party shifts in the US and national European countries make this a timely moment to review public policy, government affairs and regulatory affairs teams.  Establishing or restructuring these teams around the optimal geographic locations, with the right expertise and talent, reporting lines, relationship to other internal teams such as corporate communications, sustainability and philanthropy can significantly influence their delivery of information to inform corporate strategy.




Stratosphere can advise on:

Stratosphere’s background expertise includes successfully running two world class, high performance in-house government affairs, public policy and regulatory affairs teams.

Stratosphere can advise its clients on:     

  • Optimally structuring in house government affairs, public policy and regulatory affairs teams to ensure their commercial relevance.
  • The right talent and expertise depending on the client’s size, corporate structure and geographic locations.
  • Obtaining value for money from complementary external advisory resources, trade association and think tank relationships.
  • Financial center strategy.
  • Bespoke lobbying and negotiating skills training.

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