Corporate Governance

Corporate governance has fundamental codes and principles, but its real impact comes with applying these in practice.  The financial crisis generated fresh debate on how well governed complex and systemically significant financial institutions or other critical sectors should be.  Technology and its complexity and penetration of all industry sectors is posing new challenges for C-suite management, boards and shareholders to exercise their judgement.

Well-governed companies and organizations also follow strong principles, adhere to ethical standards and appropriate transparency and disclosure. Governance failings have significant reputational and commercial consequences.  Next generation demands around companies to deliver on sustainability goals will challenge companies of all sizes.  Ethical lobbying conduct is a key area often neglected as part of overall governance and standards.


Corporate Governance

Stratosphere understands traditional corporate governance. Its founder advised two major investment banks on corporate governance structure, serves on the board of the European Corporate Governance Institute and has long been actively involved in the legislation, codes and debates relating to financial sector governance, as well as the shareholder value vs stakeholder value capitalist and corporate governance models.  Stratosphere has advised clients on optimizing their board talent to bring in public policy and technology expertise, and has experience of managing and optimizing performance of International Advisory Boards.  Stratosphere also understands the different governance needs of start-ups.


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