Competition & Anti-trust

The Digital economy is shifting the focus and approach of anti-trust and competition policies. Questions the competition regulators and experts are debating:


  • What are the implications of the data-driven economy for competition policy?
  • How are multi sided platform business models driving start-ups to unicorn scale so rapidly?
  • Can algorithms collude as they monitor competitors’ prices?
  • How dominant are internet search providers? Are they tying products and services to close out competitors?
  • Is behavioral discrimination and differential pricing resulting from customer profiling online fair?
  • Can companies, large or small, gain an anti-competitive advantage so big from their specialized, high value data holdings that merits regulatory intervention?

Stratosphere has experience handling numerous EU merger control and state aid cases, and anti-competitive effects investigations in the tech sector.  Our services complement and work alongside of competition lawyers and/or economists.  We can recommend competition lawyers, economists from our network of trusted partners, and work cooperatively on the right strategy approach and dialogue with competition or anti-trust authorities.

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